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Radix Engineering and Software

820 Gessner Rd #875
Houston, TX 77024-4480
Main Phone: 832-623-6648

Primary Contact: Thiago Bacic

Rail Industries Canada

2638 Sabourin
St. Laurent, QC H4S 1M2
Main Phone: 514-336-8998
Fax: 514-336-8373
Primary Contact: Simon Ouellette

Description: North American subsidiary of the CIM Group for more than 25 years, RIC possesses an established network of partners and suppliers as well as maintaining a complete inventory of spare and commodity parts. Strategically located a short distance away from the Port and the International airport of Montreal and with a seasoned logistics and technical team, RIC can meet most requests, large or small.

Rail Vision Ltd.

15 Hatidhar st.
Main Phone: 972-9-9577706

Primary Contact: Amos Bar-Zeev
Industry Segment(s): Other
If other, please specify: Collision avoiding system
Product/Service Category(ies): Other
Other Product/Service Category: Collision avoiding system

Description: Rail Vision Ltd is a pioneer in cutting-edge railway safety technology. We specialize in designing, developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art obstacle detection systems for 24/7 Yard, Freight, and passenger rail operations. Our innovative products are designed to enhance safety, optimize efficiency, and reduce operational costs for railway operators. As a strategic partner of Knorr-Bremse; We are dedicated to improving the railway operations while minimizing the environmental impact. Join us in revolutionizing railway safety!


Box 680727
Franklin, TN 37068-0727
Main Phone: 615-591-6842

Primary Contact: Paul DuBay
Industry Segment(s): Locomotive Component Parts
Product/Service Category(ies): Seats, Other
Other Product/Service Category: wipers, mirrors, toilets, seat cushions

Railhead Corporation

224 Shore Court
Burr Ridge, IL 60527-5815
Main Phone: 708-844-5500
Fax: 708-844-5559

Primary Contact: Denise Hornof
Industry Segment(s): Locomotive Component Parts, Passenger Component Parts

Description: Blue flag protection, Safety Equipment, Locomotive Digital Video Recorders (LDVR), Remote Monitoring, Air tools, Flashlights, Headlamps, Gloves.

Railquip, Inc.

3731 Northcrest Rd Ste 6
Atlanta, GA 30340-3415
Main Phone: 770-458-4157
Fax: 770-458-5365

Primary Contact: Mr. Louie Schroeder
Industry Segment(s): Maintenance of Way, Other, Measurement & Maintenance Systems
Product/Service Category(ies): Maintenance-of-Way Equipment, Other

Description: Suppliers of: Maintenance equipment, portable railcar movers, underfloor and mobile car hoist and body stands, turntables, truck hoists, truck assembly stands, hydraulic rerailing equipment, road/rail equipped trailers, waste removal systems.


161 N Clark St
Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60601-3338
Main Phone: 402-650-0562

Primary Contact: Connie Nordhues-Bieber
Industry Segment(s): Other
If other, please specify: Operating Technologies
Other Product/Service Category: Autonomous operating software

Description: Railspire has developed an innovative modern technology platform that creates an automation tool for orchestrated rail operations. This technology platform, referred to as the Network Controlled Locomotive (NCL), is an AI-based train handling system specifically built to dynamically manage the micro details of train movement under the fluctuating consist considerations of yard-like operations and mainline support. The NCL platform was designed and developed with an autonomy-first mindset that establishes a Locomotive-to-Everything (L2X) connectivity environment that facilitates human-in-the-loop orchestrated operations that scale as operating practices and regulatory acceptance rationalize autonomy. Railspire's approach is to integrate its NCL Technology with other cutting-edge systems deployed in road locomotives, rail yards, and industrial switching operations, resulting in the ability to orchestrate human and machine assets, driving improved productivity, safety, and efficiency.

RailVision Analytics

642 Rue de Courcelle Suite 306
Montreal, QC H4C 3C5
Main Phone: 514-831-9455
Primary Contact: Kimia Sedighi
Industry Segment(s): Other
Product/Service Category(ies): Consulting Services, Environmental Products and Services, Fuel, Monitoring and Management
Other Product/Service Category: App

Railway Age / Simmons Boardman Publishing

88 Pine Street
23rd Floor
New York, NY 10005-1809
Main Phone: 212-620-7244

Primary Contact: Mr. Jonathan Chalon
Industry Segment(s): Media, Other
Product/Service Category(ies): Other

Description: Industry Publications

Reidler Decal Corporation

264 Industrial Park Road
Saint Clair, PA 17970-0008
Main Phone: 800-628-7770

Primary Contact: Ms. Cheryl Sweigert
Industry Segment(s): Other
Product/Service Category(ies): Decals, Other

Description: Decals, delineators, reflective striping, consolidated stencils, reflective signage, wraps, railcar graphics design, apta interior signage, photo luminescent signage, braille signage, trespass signage, graphics for railcar restorations, Member of AAR


70 W Madison St
Suite 2200
Chicago, IL 60602-4383
Main Phone: 312-726-0695

Primary Contact: Mr. Greg Schmid

Road & Rail Services, Inc.

4233 Bardstown Road, Suite 200
Louisville, KY 40218-3274
Main Phone: 502-365-5192
Fax: 502-495-6687

Primary Contact: Angela Stauffer
Industry Segment(s): Freight Car/Locomotive Repair, Other
Product/Service Category(ies): Repairs / Service - Rail Car and Locomotive, Other

Description: Established in 1987, Road & Rail Services has grown and diversified to become a leading provider of rail related services in North America. Our network of skilled associates provides plant and terminal operating expertise as well as field manual maintenance of rail assets for railroads, rail shippers, and owners of rail related equipment and facilities. The geographic reach of Road & Rail Services enables a network effect within various rail served industries that ship commodities by rail such as, aggregates, automotive, coal, chemicals, intermodal goods, minerals, metals, and paper. Our primary focus is to develop and retain long-term strategic partnerships with our customers by delivering services that focus on asset condition and operating velocity through leveraging our multiple competencies. Ultimately, our aim is to help facilitate increased shipment of goods by rail.

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