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Trackmobile LLC

Trackmobile LLC, Zephir Electric Railcar Movers, LEAF locomotives, make up the Global Railcar Mover Group, A Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company

1602 Executive Dr
Lagrange, GA 30240-5746
Main Phone: 706-884-6651

Trackmobile LLC Trackmobile Moible Railcar Movers
Primary Contact: Mr. David McMonagle
Industry Segment(s): New/Rebuilt Locomotive Manufacturer, Maintenance of Way, Measurement & Maintenance Systems, Freight Car/Locomotive Repair, Other
Product/Service Category(ies): Leasing - Rail Cars, Equipment, Locomotive Sales and Leasing

Description: Trackmobile, along with Zephir Electric Railcar Movers and LEAF locomotives are part of the Global Railcar Mover Group. All are a part of the Marmon Group/ Berkshire Hathaway.

Trackmobile is the leading manufacturer of bi-modal railcar movers. The LaGrange, Ga.-based company created the railcar movement category in 1948 as a solution to specific customer needs in railcar switching. A heavy-duty rail to road vehicle with a bi-modal transport system, Trackmobiles provide businesses with a safe, efficient, easy-to-use, and economical means of switching railcars within industrial plants and railroad terminals world-wide. Focusing on innovating new standards for railcar movement equipment, Trackmobile is highly customizable for unique customer applications, and provides the best value with the lowest operational lifetime cost in the industry.

Zephir is the world leader in Electric Railcar Movers. Based in Modena, Italy, they began manufacturing diesel railcar movers in the 1960's and manufactured their first all electric mover in 1991. Since then they have been the world leader in providing electric powered shunting/switching equipment.

LEAF Locomotive is manufactured by RailServe Inc. in Longview, TX. LEAF is a flexible platform powering new build or remanufactured locomotives. The LEAF combines single or multiple gensets into a highly efficient package, with excellent traction and longevity.

All of these product lines are supported through out the world by the Global Railcar Mover Group distributors. Within North America, these are the Trackmobile distributors with an immense network of physical locations, mobile service vehicles, and North American parts network.

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