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Power Drives, Inc.

801 Exchange St.
Buffalo, NY 14210-1434
Main Phone: 716-822-3600
Fax: 716-824-4817

Primary Contact: Ms. Rosanne Panzica
Industry Segment(s): Locomotive Component Parts, Other
Product/Service Category(ies): Other

Description: Power Drives, Inc. manufactures engineered systems for the locomotive industry, including the PowerHouse and the Diesel Dehydrator. The PowerHouse idle reduction system maintains a temperature above 100 degrees; is powered either by a standard 120 VAC power source, or directly from the locomotive battery bank for up to seven days; and has the smallest footprint in the industry. The Diesel Dehydrator is a fuel filtration system that removes accumulated water in a locomotive fuel tank and prevents algae bloom. It removes water to 99.5% efficiency; filters & cleans fuel to ISO 11/8/6; maximizes efficiency & improves performance. Other PDI rail-related products and accessories include: fuel, sander, air, radiator, duct, Teflon and injector hose assemblies; water and grease lines; hose and vee retainer clamps; Flexmaster and quick disconnect couplings; fire sleeves; and fuel filtration systems.

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