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182 Susquehanna Avenue
Exeter, PA 18643-2653
Main Phone: 570-883-7005
Fax: 570-883-7006
Primary Contact: Ms. Sarah Rutkowski
Industry Segment(s): Locomotive Component Parts, Passenger Component Parts, Freight Car/Locomotive Repair, Freight Car Component Parts, Other
Product/Service Category(ies): Air Compressors, Air Conditioning, Axels, Batteries / Battery Related, Bearings / Bearing Related, Brakes / Brake Related, Cable and Wire, Cases and Hoses, Couplers and Coupling Devices, Decals, Diesel Engines and Parts, Doors and Door Latches, Fabricators and Fabrication, Fasteners, Flooring, Gaskets and Seals, Gears and Gear Cases, Generators, Hoses, Assemblies and Parts, Locks, Lubricants, Measurement Devices, Repairs / Service - Rail Car and Locomotive, Safety Equipment, Seats, Signs and Signage, Slack Adjusters, Wheels, Axels and Wheel Sets, Other

Description: PowerRail is a certified AAR M-1003 manufacturer, remanufacturer, and distributor of aftermarket locomotive parts and components, offering a wide range of products, supporting both EMD and GE locomotives. We provide New and Unit Exchange Remanufactured components to accommodate any budget. In addition, our New-UXª Program offers true reliability by providing a new part in exchange for a rebuildable core which will be recycled and remanufactured for others. Backed by our extensive Engineering and Development Departments, we continually strive to provide Enhanced Products that reduce costs associated with field failures and downtime. PowerRail is a United States-based company, with additional locations in various parts of the world. Locations across the US include PowerRail Corporate and Distribution, Avoca Rail Products, PowerRail Industries, Rail & Traction North America, PowerSeal Solutions, Cooper Bearings, PowerRail Manufacturing, PowerRail Electronics Technology, PowerRail Locomotive Services, and PowerRail Mobile Maintenance. International locations include PowerRail Australia and PowerRail Europe. For more information, visit us online at

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