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Pennsylvania Rail Car Co.

584 Fairground Rd
Mercer, PA 16137-5113
Main Phone: 800-521-2151
Fax: 724-662-0539

Primary Contact: Mr. Pete Love
Industry Segment(s): Communications and Signaling, Other, Freight Car Component Parts
Product/Service Category(ies): Doors and Door Latches, Gaskets and Seals, Other

Description: New and reconditioned plug/sliding doors, gaskets, box, hopper, tank repair parts. Grab irons, sill steps underframe and other custom fabricated railroad items.

Phoenix Contact USA, Inc

586 Fulling Mill Road
Middletown, PA 17057-2966
Main Phone: 717-944-1300

Primary Contact: Mr. John B. Moore
Trade Name: Phoenix Contact
Industry Segment(s): Communications and Signaling, Maintenance of Way, Passenger Component Parts, New/Rebuilt Locomotive Manufacturer, New/Rebuilt Passenger Car Manufacturer, Other
Product/Service Category(ies): Antennas - Portable, Base, Mobile, Communication and Signaling Systems, Radio / Telecommunications, Wireless Communications
Other Product/Service Category: Electrical and Electronic Devices, Automation, Networking and Cyber Security.

Description: Electrical and Electronic Connectivity components and system solutions for wayside, on-board, and back-office systems. We are a global company, and our customers include the freight Class - I railroads, AMTRAK, and US Transit Agencies.

Plastic Components, Inc.

1210 County Road 6 W
Elkhart, IN 46514-8219
Main Phone: 574-264-7514
Fax: 574-264-6945

Primary Contact: Barry Pippin
Industry Segment(s): Locomotive Component Parts, Other, Passenger Component Parts
Product/Service Category(ies): Other

Description: Custom molded plastic parts. Services include: design and engineering assistance, patterns/prototypes, production tooling, and assembly.

PNW Railcars, Inc.

121 SW Morrison Street Suite 1525
Portland, OR 97204-3242
Main Phone: 503-360-1027
Fax: 503-227-3475

Primary Contact: Mr. Anders Vestergaard
Industry Segment(s): Freight Car Leasing

Description: PNW Railcars, Inc. offers a complete railcar leasing solution set with railcar asset management, regulatory support, specialized services and leasing products that provide customers with the options they need.

Power Drives, Inc.

801 Exchange St.
Buffalo, NY 14210-1434
Main Phone: 716-822-3600
Fax: 716-824-4817

Primary Contact: Ms. Rosanne Panzica
Industry Segment(s): Locomotive Component Parts, Other
Product/Service Category(ies): Other

Description: Power Drives, Inc. manufactures engineered systems for the locomotive industry, including the PowerHouse and the Diesel Dehydrator. The PowerHouse idle reduction system maintains a temperature above 100 degrees; is powered either by a standard 120 VAC power source, or directly from the locomotive battery bank for up to seven days; and has the smallest footprint in the industry. The Diesel Dehydrator is a fuel filtration system that removes accumulated water in a locomotive fuel tank and prevents algae bloom. It removes water to 99.5% efficiency; filters & cleans fuel to ISO 11/8/6; maximizes efficiency & improves performance. Other PDI rail-related products and accessories include: fuel, sander, air, radiator, duct, Teflon and injector hose assemblies; water and grease lines; hose and vee retainer clamps; Flexmaster and quick disconnect couplings; fire sleeves; and fuel filtration systems.

PowerPusher®, Div. of Nu-Star, Inc.

1425 Stagecoach Road
Shakopee, MN 55379-8045
Main Phone: 952-445-8295
Fax: 952-445-0231

Primary Contact: Mr. Ryan Blesi
Industry Segment(s): Communications and Signaling, New/Rebuilt Freight Car Manufacturer, New/Rebuilt Passenger Car Manufacturer, New/Rebuilt Locomotive Manufacturer, Freight Car/Locomotive Repair
Product/Service Category(ies): Axels, Freight Car Manufacturers, Passenger Rail Car Manufacturers, Repairs / Service - Rail Car and Locomotive, Safety Equipment

Description: PowerPusher® Div. of Nu-Star Inc., is a global manufacturer of engineered solutions for material handling needs since 1959, operating facilities in the US and UK. Years of experience as a leading designer, manufacturer and innovator in the industry has given us the competitive edge in providing state-of-the-art, reliable, cost-effective load-moving solutions that deliver tangible productivity and safety benefits in a wide variety of applications. With every application you get to work with an engineer to help diagnose, design and implement the best solution for you. Our offering of PowerPusher Rail Movers™ can safely push or pull up to 225 tons. Choose the exact model you need to effectively move massive rail cars on and off rail. We are headquartered in Shakopee, Minnesota.


182 Susquehanna Avenue
Exeter, PA 18643-2653
Main Phone: 570-883-7005
Fax: 570-883-7006
Primary Contact: Ms. Sarah Rutkowski
Industry Segment(s): Locomotive Component Parts, Other, Passenger Component Parts, Freight Car/Locomotive Repair
Product/Service Category(ies): Air Compressors, Axels, Batteries / Battery Related, Bearings / Bearing Related, Brakes / Brake Related, Cable and Wire, Cases and Hoses, Couplers and Coupling Devices, Decals, Diesel Engines and Parts, Doors and Door Latches, Fabricators and Fabrication, Fasteners, Flooring, Gaskets and Seals, Gears and Gear Cases, Generators, Hoses, Assemblies and Parts, Locks, Lubricants, Measurement Devices, Repairs / Service - Rail Car and Locomotive, Safety Equipment, Seats, Signs and Signage, Slack Adjusters, Wheels, Axels and Wheel Sets, Other

Description: As North America’s leading manufacturer, remanufacturer, and distributor of aftermarket locomotive parts and components, PowerRail has long been known for their commitment to quality, price, service, and delivery. As a certified AAR M-1003 quality company, PowerRail offers a wide range of products, supporting both EMD and GE locomotives, including new and Unit Exchange remanufactured components to accommodate any budget. In addition, PowerRail’s New-UX® Program offers true reliability by providing a new part in exchange for a rebuildable core which will be recycled and remanufactured for others. Backed by their extensive Engineering and Development Departments, PowerRail continually strives to provide enhanced products that reduce costs associated with field failures and downtime.

PowerRail is a United States-based company, with several locations in various parts of the world. Originally formed in 2003, the PowerRail Corporate Offices and Main Distribution Center are now located in Exeter, Pennsylvania. PowerRail proudly offers a wide range of new and rebuilt rail-related parts and components including bearings and journal boxes, electrical rotating parts, engine components, compressors, pumps, and motors, from their various manufacturing facilities across the US. In addition, PowerRail offers locomotive rebuilds, overhauls, and mobile maintenance at their locomotive shop. PowerRail is also a global supplier with locations in Europe and Australia.
For more information, visit us online at

PowerRail- Locomotive Services

780 State Hwy 11
Monroe, GA 30655
Parent:  PowerRail

PowerRail- Manufacturing

1321 N Illinois Avenue
Connersville, IN 47331-1606
Parent:  PowerRail

Premtec - NYAB (Salisbury, NC)

115 Summit Park Drive
Salisbury, NE 28146-6325
Parent:  New York Air Brake Corp. (Snyder Equipment)

Prime Railroad Products

9235 Roe St
Pensacola, FL 32514-7034
Main Phone: 850-332-7193
Fax: 866-475-1779

Primary Contact: Mr. Jeff Fisher
Industry Segment(s): Locomotive Component Parts, Other
Product/Service Category(ies): Other


585 Michigan Dr
Oakville, Ontario L6L 0C4
Parent:  Union Tank Car Company

Progress Rail Manufacturing (Muncie, IN)

3500 S Cowan Rd
Muncie, IN 47302-9555
Parent:  Progress Rail, A Caterpillar Company

Progress Rail, A Caterpillar Company

1600 Progress Drive
Albertville, AL 35950-8545
Main Phone: 800-476-8769

Primary Contact: Ms. Marise Stewart
Industry Segment(s): Communications and Signaling, Locomotive Component Parts, Maintenance of Way, Freight Car Component Parts, Passenger Component Parts, New/Rebuilt Locomotive Manufacturer, New/Rebuilt Freight Car Manufacturer, Freight Car Leasing, Freight Car/Locomotive Repair, Other
Product/Service Category(ies): Maintenance-of-Way Equipment, Other

Description: Offers reliable, durable, fuel efficient and emissions-friendly locomotives. Provides remfg of locomotive & railcar products, new & reconditioned parts for locomotives and railcars, new & used rail, rail welding, track work components, MOW equipment, & signal devices.

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